Pheasants in our presence

Uncle Jim invited Johnny and the big two boys pheasant hunting with him and the German Brethren. For the past few weeks, they’ve studied their Hunters Education course and passed their certification tests. Fun thing about homeschool is you can create new courses on the fly and call it “school!” Meanwhile, I’ve been researching how to cook a pheasant…stay tuned.

Quinter, Kansas. Not much to do out here aside from farming, hunting and visiting the local Dairy Queen. It’s quiet, flat and heavenly!

“No city noise, all the way out here” – Uncle Jim, the legend.

Milo: a grain used in alcohol, as well as great feed for cattle. Watching the sun set from the cab of this giant combine is a moment I never want to forget. The peace of God is so tangible out here, I just wanna bottle it up and hold it close.

Johnny bagged the first bird! To say I’m proud is an understatement.

Hudson, Dixie and I slept in and enjoyed the hotel’s breakfast buffet before heading down to Dollar General to pick up some coloring books and other goodies. Soon we caught up with the guys to replenish their snacks.

At lunch we found ourselves in a sea of orange…about 3 dozen other hunters. Did I mention that this was opening day for pheasants, and also that DQ is Quinter’s most hopping establishment? Dixie and I then headed back to the hotel to cuddle up and watch movies while the menfolk went back out huntin’.

Next up: time for Blizzards®️ during a windy, freezing, Kansas evening.

Total take home: 4 pheasants and 6 rabbits! (3 of the pheasants were taken out by the locals, but, they generously sent us home with them as they go often during the season.)

This was such a great experience for them all. Johnny kept raving about how impressed he was with their safety knowledge, gun responsibility and skills. I’m excited to stock our freezer with some yummy meats!

Hey, remember when we were vegan?

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