About Me

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area. I fell in love with a boy from church, tied the knot in 2005 and made 5 beautiful babies.

I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist since 2004, but as a stay at home mama, I’m currently specializing in little boy buzz cuts in my kitchen. They pay me in hugs and snuggles, and it’s totally worth it.

We recently flipped a fixer upper, packed up our California lives and are headed east for Colorado Springs! Although it’s bittersweet to leave our gorgeous home in a state that we love, we look forward to new adventures and making our mark on a new property! (Having a contractor husband is good for that!)

I started this blog as an excuse to get back into writing. Creating a place where I can look back and remember the funny things my kids say, maybe share our journey in home renovations, perhaps highlight some of our upcoming travels.

No promises as to how fluid my posts will be. One day you may see a post about my kid inappropriately mispronouncing a word, followed by a detailed exchange between myself and a confused Home Goods employee who inaccurately explains how Himalayan salt lamps work. #TrueStory

Anyway, enough about me.