skinks, skunks and donkeys with horns

Woke up this morning and decided that the weather was just TOO beautiful not to take full advantage of. When the kids were sitting at the breakfast table, I announced “Get dressed. Let’s go to the zoo!” We packed lunches, loaded up the car and headed on our adventure. Now, they’ve been to the zoo many times, but in a new state, it’s a completely fresh experience.

My parents are coming to town next week and since we’d already put this on our itinerary with them, I decided to get a membership, and BOY I’m glad I did!

If you are ever in the Colorado Springs area and have a chance to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you will not regret it. Ranked #4 in North America, it did not disappoint.

Lions and tigers and Grizzly bears. Oh my! (Sorry, I couldn’t not.) Snow leopards, black rhinos, and wallabys. I went into the room full of snakes because I love my kids, but I’ll happily allow their dad to escort them to that exhibit next time. We pet a blue tonged skink, saw a grey wolf and the CUTEST meerkats.

The primate exhibit was cool, but we all agreed that it was the stinkiest place in the park. The baby orangutan was totally worth it though.

After we left, I asked the kids their favorite memory they experienced at the zoo. Dixie’s response: “Dip ‘N Dots” followed closely by the “donkey with horns.” You know…the moose.

Next time, I think we’ll lunch at the Rocky Mountain Wild BBQ, which sits at the top overlooking the beautiful Colorado landscape. Just walking by, the aroma tempted me, calling for me to come explore their delicious menu. Mix that with the views, and I may petition they extend their zoo hours to include sunset dinners. I digress…

Crosby was unimpressed with his first trip to the zoo, but he was a superbaby per usual.

Oh, did I mention Dixie requested we could match today? And that she finally decided she wants to be a professional car washer when she grows up? And that she loves me more than anything in this whole wide world? I win today.

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