Class of 2026, 2027, 2029 and 2031

When your school mascot is Thor, you know it’s gonna be a good year!

This girl was so excited about school, until we started walking towards her teacher. Change is hard, little girl, but you got this!

The school we choiced into had a full 3rd grade roster, so we enrolled Hudson in our zoned school. TBH, I think this will be great for him, our middle child, to have some independence at his “own” campus! Back To School Night was last night and let’s just say, I’m beyond excited for this year!!

After taking his siblings to school, we’ll have about 15 minutes of quality time together as we drive back to the “country.”

Boone, 5th grade does not know what’s coming, you stud. Your dad and I pray that you are kind, chivalrous, and a light wherever you go!

Lincoln!! Middle school? How did this happen? This year will be a challenge, but we have faith that it will be a GOOD challenge, and we will get through it with a lot of prayer and maybe some mom/Lincoln dates!

On Tuesday, we walked through his class schedule together, meeting all of his teachers. This campus is HUGE and I’m probably more nervous than he is re: getting lost in the halls! When I asked what period he was most excited for, his response was band/percussion, followed closely by cross country.

Ok, kids. Crosby and I will miss you, now get outta here!

Post School Update:

Dixie said she forgot about me ALL DAY until it was time to get home. Translation: She had the BEST day. She also made 4 friends but can only remember one’s name. “Cloray? Claret? Coral?” Stay tuned. I’m determined to find out this girl’s name.

Hudson was most excited about his hot lunch because it was served “ON A TRAY!!”

Boone has a new best friend and thinks the bathroom hall pass is funny, cause you put a mini Spider-Man lunch box and “you can just LEAVE to use the bathroom. You don’t even have to ask!”

Lincoln thinks science will be his favorite class, but he’s conflicted because the Language and Lit teacher’s classroom smells like fruit loops. (It TOTALLY DOES TOO. I noticed it at open house.) It’s going to be a great year. Waiting for dad to get home now so we can go to Josh and John’s for the world’s best ice cream.

Ok…we’re making progress on the name. She thinks it’s “LaCroix…or something like that.”

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