Date your kid pt. 1

This week Johnny and I sat down and made lists. Goals for our year, long term goals etc. Personal, marriage, family, financial, travel. I mean not to brag, but I already checked 2 things off of my list!

✔️ Find a local MOPS group to join

✔️ Start monthly kid dates

We decided to alternate kids, and let them pick what we do for their special date day. Dixie recently had a mega growth spurt so she needed clothes. “Day at the outlets with mom!”

I took advantage of the H&M clothing recycle program (bring in a bag of home textiles or old clothes and receive 15% off your next purchase). Also, there was a coupon for H&M in the fundraiser coupon book Lincoln sold for his band!

Dixie had a blast and got a bunch of cute stuff. My fave? The cropped blush wide legged corduroys we scored for $5! Cropped pants are great for Miss Twiggy. String bean with legs for days.

We found $2 matching leopard headbands by the check out. Couldn’t resist. I meeeean, leopard IS the best neutral.

Next she picked out a Chocolate dipped Twinkie at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It was her first Twinkie (which she didn’t care for.) Picking off the chocolate hard shell, she decided to save the Twinkie for dad.

Next up: CLAIRE’S! It was her first time there and OMG. Her life is forever changed. I knew she would pick anything Elsa or Unicorn, but to my surprise (and with a little bit of guidance) she chose the following:

  • Roll on pink body glitter (smells like strawberries)
  • A black puffy headband with sunflowers (I think I had a jumper made of the same material in the 90’s)
  • Spiral hair ties
  • A sparkly “D” necklace
  • Best friend bracelets to pass out to her school friends
  • Press. On. Nails.

Ok the nails were a bit crazy, but she’s been BEGGING for “sharp nails.” I told her she has to wait until her 13th birthday before I’ll even consider taking her to get them done for real. She likes to remind me that’s only in 6 more years.

Shoe shopping took forever. She wanted to try on anything with a heel. But she settled for a pair of practical sporty school shoes instead.

We shopped a bit more before heading to the car to find a dinner destination. Her only request: milk shake.

First things first. Roll on body glitter. My car now smells like strawberries and is a wee bit “fancier.” Oops.

The sunset on our drive home from Castle Rock was unreal. Colorado sunrises and sunsets have a way of casting a warm pink glow on everything in it’s path, creating what I can only describe as heavenly stage lighting. It’s breathtaking.

Since it was getting late and she wanted to get home in time to do a fashion show for the boys and watch a movie, we drove through Chick-fil-A and picked up dinner for the whole fam. Her boys thanked her SO much for letting them get in on her special date dinner.

This morning I woke up, shuffled into the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee to be met by my bright eyed babe, press on nails in hand. “Mom! You said we had to wait till morning! Can you do my nails now?!”

*Click* mental picture captured forever.

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