Quarantine Coronacles pt. 1

Monday, Day 1: By the end of the first 24 hours of quarantine, Dixie’s already raided my closet multiple times, done up her makeup and put on a fashion show. She kept asking, “When I grow up, and I’m like 16, can I borrow this?”

She thinks I should wear the pink shoes in Hawaii cause “they’re fancy.” And because that’s where people wear fancy clothes. Tell your friends.

Thursday, Day 3: I’ll say this, I’ve never completed a 1000 piece puzzle in one day. I had a little help. Our week of sunshine was interrupted by a blizzard, so the kids went sledding in the backyard with the pup.

Have I mentioned we hadn’t seen Frozen 2 prior to this week, and now Dixie has memorized all the songs. LORD HELP ME! Good thing she’s so cute.

Boone made chocolate chip pancakes for lunch and I was in bed before 8pm.

Friday, Day 4: A little Bronté by the fire. Yes, Crosby’s in the same clothes.

Johnny stayed home from work while he waited for a medical house visit. His autoimmune disease has been flaring up and he’s finally seeing someone about it. We are so grateful they are making house calls. He usually hides the fact that he’s in constant pain pretty well, so when there’s an SOS call for help, you know it’s gotten pretty bad. Please be praying for answers and complete healing!

Dixie’s been writing him extra love notes and drawing pictures every night before bed.

“Once upon a time there were a girl and a man. It was a dad and a kid and they love each other.”

Movies today:

  • Tangled (quarantined princess finds happily ever after)
    Heavyweights (because it’s a family favorite)

Johnny fixed the oven which has been “broken” for over two weeks so I finally got to bake the banana muffins I’ve been craving. Unfortunately, I have a cold and can’t taste a thing. The WORST!

My mental status: Meh. I found myself looking for dairy cows on Craigslist for two hours so…this extrovert needs a hobby. Thank the Lord our chicken coop was delivered today!

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