Here a chick, there a chick…

Yesterday was a big day. A few neighbors decided to go in on an order from an online hatchery (who “guarantees” female hens, so stay tuned for that one!) Anyway, we decided to start our little homestead with the gateway farm animal: Chickens! Ten of them!

They were shipped on Monday with a estimated delivery of…FRIDAY! What?!? Poor babies. Luckily Wednesday morning rolled around and sure enough, they were at our local post office, waiting for pick up.

When our neighbor gave us the word they’d retrieved the package, the kids paced our driveway for a good 20 minutes eagerly awaiting first site of the vehicle carrying our precious cargo.

Boone built a brooder (mega impressed with THOSE skills, but that’s a whole other post on its own.) The shavings were set, food and water was prepped. Here we go! One by one, the kids selected their baby chick, dipped their beak in the water, and agonized over the instructions to not hold them for the next 24 hours. (Because this is our first chicken rodeo, we’ve spent hours online watching “How To” videos.)

About an hour in, one little lady seemed pretty lethargic. My neighbor informed us that the hatchery sent a few extras just in case anyone didn’t survive the journey. Sweet Ginger Chick was laid to rest at 6pm. Dixie wept as she lamented, “She was my favorite one.” (Lies. She likes the black fluffy one best.)

Hudson and Dixie had a good cry while I held them and explained how death is a part of life, yada yada yada. Then we went back to celebrate the lives of our remaining nine.

Our first pet funeral down.

Also, probably unfortunate timing that I’d just picked up Chick Fil A for dinner.

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