Just your average weekend

It all started out as an average weekend. Johnny and Boone planned to finish the chicken/duck run and build a duck house. That was it. First: Lowe’s and Tractor Supply. Everybody loaded up, masks and bandanas in hand.

After the necessities were collected, a drive thru Freddy’s Frozen Custard run was in order. It was our first time there, and OMG talk about onion rings FTW! Milk shakes, fries and onion rings for lunch got me some serious “cool mom” points.

When we got home, the boys started to build the enclosed area for the poultry, in between the storage containers. Meanwhile, we brought the duckies out for a swim. They are about two weeks old and have probably quadrupled in size!

We were out enjoying the sunshine, admiring our neighbor Shelby gracefully riding her beautiful horse, Levi. Back in June when we moved in, she told us how the kids were totally welcome to ride him, so you can imagine how many times Lincoln has asked if he could invite himself over there. This time, she rode up to the fence and offered, “Any of the kids want to ride?” Lincoln was over the fence in seconds! He’s our animal whisperer. (We really need to get him in 4H.)

Hudson joined me as we moseyed over there. This majestic creature isn’t one he’s been in close contact with before, and I could sense his caution. To my surprise, he said he wanted a turn after his brother.

After a little stroll lead by Shelby, Hudson decided he wanted to hold the reigns himself. A natural! After his dismount, he ran home and changed into “cowboy clothes,” a red plaid shirt tucked into jeans with his COVID bandana/mask tied neatly around his neck.

Johnny hopped on, and impressed us all with his first time rider skills. And, ahem, apparently, there is not much hotter than seeing my man on a horse. Who knew?

Boone decided he would rather work on the duck house (no surprise, but we’ll get him on that horse soon enough) and Dixie was asleep in the hammock and missed the whole thing.

Update on the run:

We put bird netting along the top, which should keep out the hawks and owls. I plan to paint the repurposed wood slats and other trim black, and we still need to put the shavings on the ground. Our birds will move out here in a few weeks so we have time.

Oh, and the “E” broke off our sign, but I don’t think the chickens can read, so I’m not stressin’ about it. We let the kids name their hens, and Johnny hung up a few of the name plaques. His bird is Bach. Like Johan Sebastian “Bawk.”

Crosby loves the duck shelter…

At around 5:30, we were just about done, when I got the call. Well, the email actually. Is this happening RIGHT NOW? It was time…we loaded up and made the spontaneous 25 minute drive to the country to pick up our new….

BABYDOLL SHEEP!!! A woman in a Colorado Sheep Facebook group reached out to me and we are now owners of a darling breeding pair of Babydoll Sheep! Ok, take a second a google them. You will find yourself down a rabbit trail, ogling over the darling lambs and sweet faces! We are absolutely obsessed.

I had mentioned earlier to Shelby (neighbor) that we might get sheep eventually…so when I texted her that we were literally ON OUR WAY to pick them up, just a few hours later, this was her response:

I mean, she’s not wrong. Meet Fred and Ethel, the newest member of our homestead! Also, we need to come up with a name for our farm…now taking suggestions.

Our livestock guardian dog, Snow is delighted by her new yard mates. She adores them, is so gentle and even herded them into the open shipping container. We’re still working on teaching her where they will be staying at night, in the just in time finished chicken run/duck shelter.

Next weekend project: build a loafing shed.

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