September 2021

The kids and I spent a perfect, crisp Colorado morning enjoying the start of our favorite season with some of our favorite friends at an apple farm!

We knew going into it that the U-Pick wasn’t pickable due to an early freeze, but our hearts were set on apple cider donuts. Turns out the bakery is not open on Thursdays. (Womp womp) Although we were the only guests on the hay ride, we still managed to have a great time!

How is it possible that this little dude turned THREE at the beginning of this month? He’s got impeccable comedic timing, is fully potty trained, and quotes the most obscure movie lines. Life is way better with you in it, Crosby Rhodes!

We did manage to leave with some yummy apple butter and peach jalapeño jam from the gift shop.

After we stopped to purchase apples and sweet treats from a nearby farm stand, we enjoyed a leisurely picnic in the park.

Don’t let this picture fool you. If you zoom in on Lincoln’s toes you can see I’ve still got about 1/8 inch on him.

Even though it wasn’t an expectation-met field trip location, making these memories with the ones most important to me is all that matters.

Happy autumn!

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