Here we go!

Okaaaaay…I’ve been asked to start a blog about 100x over the years, so here I am! I mean, Facebook and Instagram won’t be around forever (hello, MySpace!) and I haven’t scrapbooked since 2007, so why not have a more reliable, long-lasting avenue for documenting our life?

A little bit about me, I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I met my husband on the worship team at church. He was the cute drummer with hoop earrings and I was the homeschooled singer with overalls and Dr. Martens, all of which is back in style, amiright? Okay, maybe not the gauged hoop earrings. Not today, Satan. Not EVER, Satan.

Now we are 13 years and 11 months married with five beautiful babies (Lincoln is 11, Boone 9, Hudson 7, Dixie 6 next week, and Crosby is 7 months old).

That’s enough about me for now. I’ll likely dive more into “us” at a later time. If you follow me on IG, you’ll most likely see duplicate, more elaborate posts.

Soooooo here we go!

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