On the market!

In October of 2015, we had the opportunity to buy a fixer upper. We were up against 10 other offers, but with God’s favor we got it! The fun was just getting started…we had a vision that many of our friends told us later, they doubted. (Don’t worry. This story has a good ending.)

Being married to a licensed contractor has it’s perks. In the first two weeks after getting the keys, we had demo’d 98% of the house. I mean, it HAD to go. We practically tore it down to the studs and reinsulated. Note: this was the coldest winter Concord had seen in years. Did I mention that we removed the heater? (We wouldn’t see heat again until March 2017)

I will now show you the MLS photos from 2015.

Okay, now that you have a visual, can you see our vision? Not yet? Keep reading.

Our moms love to demo!

We raised the entryway about six inches to level it with the rest of the house, as well as adding a vaulted ceiling. It created a much more inviting entrance, as well as curb appeal.

I could share so many more photos documenting the progress, but to save time I’ll skip right to the good part. (Maybe I should have started this blog years ago.)

Long story short, our plan of this being our “forever home” was not God’s plan. That’s a whole other post, which I will share another time.

Right now, as I’m writing this, a second pot of coffee is brewing, Crosby is napping and Legally Blonde is playing in the background. Okay, that’s not really what I was going to tell you. This house of ours, our “forever home” is being uploaded on MLS! WHAT?!

It’s time to say goodbye, dear friend. May you be a blessing to another family. I hope the countless dinner parties, birthday gatherings, Galentine’s Day bashes you’ve hosted these past 3 years, don’t hold a candle to the fun that will be had by your new owners. (And if they ever decide to replace the flooring, they’ll see dozens of prayers and Bible verses sharpied on your subfloor.) Blessings on you, beautiful home.

Okay, friends, you’ve waited long enough. Wanna see the AFTER pics?! (Note: this is not my decor. Well, most of the furniture is mine, but we hired a stager. I would like to point out that the pink cowhide is not mine.)

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