in escrow!

Today is Dixie’s 6th birthday and although I had originally planned on writing up a little something about her today, I’ve just gotta say this…1. God is good and 2. This home selling process is no joke. (Plus her party isn’t until tomorrow so I’ll have more pictures then.)

Occasionally we find ourselves putting too much pressure on one another and momentarily forgetting to trust the only One who’s really in control. And then it’s like, “Oh wait. God’s got this!”

God is so patient with us as we continually surrender our plans, our timelines, in exchange for His. I’ve gotta say, when you let go of the reins and fully rely on Him, you alleviate the weight off your spouses shoulders and the real fun begins!

Tonight as we looked over the multiple offers on our home, we tangibly saw how He is blessing our obedience to follow where He’s leading us.

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