she’s six!

About a month ago, I started planning Dixie’s 6th birthday party. It looked like this would be our third consecutive year she would choose “sequin glitter unicorn” UNTIL we were browsing for party dresses. (With 80% of our clothes packed for the move, we decided she could get a new birthday dress.) Then she found THE DRESS. The dress that would allow me to finally break free from Unicorn Glitterland!

If you know me well, you know I love hosting parties, and they almost always have a theme. This was a theme I was excited for: “garden flower party.”

Ivy garlands and peach balloons everywhere (which ended up looking like a bunch of boobies, SMH). I did throw in just a few sequins, because this has been in my shopping cart for 2 years and I couldn’t justify the purchase until now.

Flower crowns, bubbles and laughter filled the backyard as about 30 people celebrated our girl. We had the most perfect weather and the food was delicious.

Six years ago, we thought our family was complete, when this pink firecracker joined our world!

Johnny mentioned the other day how you’ll rarely see her walking because she skips wherever she goes. Those little pigeon-toes always bring a smile to our faces. She lights up the room with her charisma and joy.

We love you Dixie-girl. May you grow deeper in love with Jesus this year and live a life rich in grace and mercy. Blessings on you, Ta-Looly-Lou.

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