spring break 2019

This week was a blast! We spent four days in a picturesque Airbnb tucked in the Sierras. Stunning, panoramic mountain views overlooked the pool. Our days were spent swimming, our nights stargazing from the hot tub.

We hadn’t even carried in all the bags before she was in her suit.

When the jet bubbles turned on, my mom exclaimed “We’re in soup! I’m a potato!” Dixie shouted at the top of her lungs, “I’M A WATERMELON!” I clearly don’t make soup enough.
Not too shabby.

Monday we explored the glorious Yosemite National Park.

Since Lincoln was the only one of our kids who’d been before, we figured we ought to get in another California adventure before the big move! Going with my parents and grandparents made it even more memorable.

Guppy never misses a chance to play “Pooh sticks.” My childhood activity being passed along.
When we stopped for a picnic at the base of El Capitan, it was evident that the bears had recently made it their lunch destination.

Dixie’s curls from getting soaked at “Bridal Barrel Falls” – and Crosby…OMG.

As we waited for the bus to take us up to Yosemite Falls, we admired the Majestic Hotel (formally the Ahwahnee hotel built in 1927).

Serious fireplace goals.

The weather was a perfect sunny 70ish°, and although the park was pretty crowded, we had a blast! While we were exploring the falls, a bobcat ran right in front of us; it nearly brushed against Boone’s leg.

Hudson comedically slipped off a log and landed on his bum in the icy water, right after I took this photo! He was fine and it was hilarious.

Captain Wet Pants laughed it off, but was freezing!

Lincoln and Johnny went off the trail, and made it all the way to the base of Yosemite Falls, getting DRENCHED from the powerful overspray! Boone gave up and turned back halfway as he kept slipping.

On our way home we stopped at Tunnel View for a photo op. The big boys immediately took off to explore, hence no family photo. Johnny was lowering Dixie off his shoulders when he twisted his ankle and she flew off. She gets the prize of “only one to draw blood.” It was the tiniest scratch on her finger but she was pretty proud of it.

Tuesday was spent getting sunburnt in the swimming pool and playing endless games of ping pong and billiards. (My grandpa brought his own pool cue because he’s the cutest.) The Oregon Trail card game didn’t hold the kid’s interest long, plus I quickly died from dehydration soooooo…

Dixie played in the pool with Grandma Glenda for hours. Don’t worry, Dixie made sure Grandma wasn’t wearing her “hearing eggs” in the pool.

After dinner, we watched Free Solo. Nope. Nope nope nope. Queue sweaty palms now.

Between my mom and grandma, you can imagine the gasps.

Wednesday morning Papa Don led us in devotions, the kids played more ping pong and we packed up to head home.

Downtown Mariposa is a quaint little town with cute shops, a delicious taqueria and an Epic Alpaca Boutique.

I’d say this was a trip we won’t soon forget.

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