Happy “almost birthday,” Crosby!

Tonight we celebrated Crosby! I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in his first year than this: thirty of our closest friends and family, trampolining, cupcake smashing, salamander catching, zip-lining in front of a gorgeous sunset back drop. I still can’t believe we live here!

Costco pizza for the win. This was the most low key first birthday party I’ve every hosted, but also probably the most fun!

Unrelated, how cool is the custom table Johnny is building me? I love being able to fit so many bodies around it comfortably, however, I think he needs to make us a second one! #SoManyKids

Building forts is taken very seriously over here. Childhood at its finest, if you ask me.

The kids caught at least 5 of these cute little guys today. Who knew we had salamanders here!?

Okay, but seriously…The sun seems to take HOURS to set and I’m NOT complaining about it. It just gets more beautiful moment by moment.

We had planned to watch a movie on the outdoor projector but the kids were having too much fun playing in the dark with flashlights, building shelters and having ice fights that we ran out of time! Bummer. Guess we need to plan another party before summer’s completely over!

Happy “almost” birthday, sweet Crosby. We thank God every day for the sweet surprise, bonus fry you have been to us. Love you, boo-boo!

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