Will work for Slurpees

Since it’s officially “sweata weatha” here in CO (said in my best Amy Poehler/Maya Rudolph impresh), we’ve kinda been using our fireplace nonstop. And since we live in the forest with ample firewood, Johnny and the kids picked up a log splitter today: queue 4 straight hours of chopping and hauling fun!

I snagged this awesome firewood holder from Amazon MONTHS ago and it’s just been sitting by the side of the house. I’d link it for you, but it’s currently unavailable. Anyway, I love that it’s finally being put to use, and also that we won’t have to walk 50 feet from the house when we’re sitting fireside in cozy slippers during snowfall. Mmmm…the best.

Note: only about 1/8 of the firewood and kindling they chopped would fit in the wood stack. Needless to say, I think we’re set for the winter…

Crosby and I weren’t much help TBH. We pretty much were just there for looks, snacks and boosting morale.

These kids are the hardest workers, and their pay negotiation is still “Slurpees.” We’ll see how long that one lasts.

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