Happy Birthday, Lincoln!

Today we woke up and there was a 12 year old in our home! That means in one year we’ll have a teenager and I am NOT okay with that. (I’m really good at math.)

Every year, the birthday-er gets to pick our meals for the day. After morning donuts, we headed up north to Topgolf. It was awesome! We got lifetime passes and left eager to return. Seriously so fun.

Oh…If you’re wondering, yes you CAN fit seven people in a photo booth. Barely.

We stopped into Cabela’s because, I mean, do you really need a good excuse?

Lunch: Panda Express. Absolutely could have bet you $1k we would end up there at some point today. It’s hands down his favorite, most requested meal. Lincoln really wanted a cool camouflage jacket for his birthday. Johnny passes an awesome Military Surplus Store on his way to work so we decided to check it out, and oh my gosh…it was a hit! This girl. I mean come on. She put on the hat and all I saw was Troop Beverley Hills.

This was my first time in Old Town Colorado Springs and oh my gosh, it is so stinking adorable! I am very much looking forward to returning, grabbing a pretentious hipster coffee and window shopping the cute boutiques.

We took the kids to The Ice Cream Lab for nitrogen infused treats. That was an experience!

The dinner request really took me back in time: Rice Krispy chicken. I used to make it for Johnny’s birthday the first few years after we were married. It was one of his favorite childhood memories and I was really trying to win points in the whole “newlywed homemaker” thing.

Apparently Grandma and Grandpa introduced it to the kids one night we were out of town and they loved it! TBH, I hadn’t made it in 12 years. Mmm…you can’t really go wrong with butter and Rice Krispies.

Right now the kids are snuggled up on the living room floor by the fire, eating Halloween candy, watching The Truman Show with a couple cousins. Perfect end to a perfect day.

Lincoln, I LOVED celebrating you today. You have the biggest heart and I am so proud to call you my son. Happy Birthday. Xo

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lincoln!

  1. I am so in love with the way you love your family!
    Jesus shines through you every day! I miss you!!
    Happy Birthday Linc! Xoxoxoxo


  2. Phoebe, it’s Friday morning and with my coffee in hand I was Checking things out on my social media habit(!) Ran across your blog and started looking at all of your postings and have had so much fun!! You and Johnny are terrific parents and I just love your family!! I would love nothing better than getting to know you personally, feel like I do anyway🤪🥰 You remind me so much of your Mom. Our son Jeff and family have had Great Pyrenees dogs and they are adorable! I had never heard of the CMD. So glad you got her!! Very fitting! Love you GAunt Mable


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