Scheduling snafu

She woke early, put on tights, had me paint our nails a sparkly “Ruby Red” because, ya know, it’s festive.

Our sweet girl loves gettin’ dolled up and today was a great excuse: 1st grade field trip to see a local production of A Christmas Carol!

She wanted to send pictures daddy so he could see her pretty outfit, so of course I obliged. This is six and a half.

With her hands over her heart, she sighs, “My heart is full of stars all over your face…because I love ya SO much.” Think she’s excited?

When I picked her up from school, she climbs in and exclaims, “Well, mom! I’ve got some BAD news. The field trip is on Monday. But it’s okay. I still looked cute!”

She absolutely kills me. Oh, and thank God for our school’s stellar communication and regular slew of emails, because I just got an email about said field trip…reminding us it is on Thursday. Lesson learned: don’t put the eager 1st grader in charge of the calendar.

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