Dating a Dapper Dan Man

Mission: Second Month of Mom/Kid Date.

Objective: Kid chooses all the activities and quality time is cherished by both Mom and Kid.

Kid: Hudson.

Kid’s picks:

  • Thrift store shopping
  • Starbucks
  • Share a popcorn and root beer at the new Sonic movie
  • Lunch at Whit’s End

The other day, we were watching an old episode of The Cosby Show. Hudson was totally digging one of Theo’s outfits when I made the comment, “I bet we could find something like that at a thrift store.”

Last month, I decided to make these precious mom/kid dates a regular occurrence. Being one of five kids, it’s easy to feel lost in the flow of the beautiful chaos that is our family. It’s my desire that they always feel treasured and important, that their individual voices are heard, and that they have opportunities to make the big decisions on their own (within reason.)

When I asked Hudson to start thinking of what he’d like to do on our date, he instantly squealed, “Can we go to the thrift store?!”

I first noticed it when he was about three. He’d opt for a button down, tucked into slacks and a belt, or perhaps suspenders and a bow tie. Let’s face it, he’s the fancy one. He’s the one who hogs the bathroom combing his hair, who often stresses out on the way to school if (heaven forbid) he forgot hair gel!

Needless to say it was no surprise when, after arriving at the thrift store, he went straight to the button-downs. Then he found it! The ONE thing he couldn’t turn down: a 3/4 zip “exercise” shirt with thumb holes.

He selected a couple things, but said he didn’t really “need anything else.” I’ve clearly conditioned him with all the hand-me-downs. I did mention he’s boy #3? A few other things that came home with us:

  • a cool jacket for Boone (that Hudson said he looks forward to growing into)
  • a black, patent leather handbag for his sister
  • some Indiana Jones books for our upcoming road trip to CA

Golly, I love him and his generous heart.

Note: Saturday’s at our local thrift store offer 50% off!

Notice the new shirt? He had it on before we even left the parking lot. Instantly he oozed so much cool and confidence. When he caught his reflection in Starbucks, he said he needed to fix the static hair…

Next up: Sonic the Hedgehog matinee! It was much better than I expected. I mean, having zero expectations is the only way to walk into a kids flick, amiright? We agreed that it’ll go on the list for a family movie night.

5x during the movie he turned to me to tell me how much he loved his new shirt and that this was his favorite day!

After the movie, we headed to Focus on the Family, more specifically, Whit’s End for lunch. Although they were out of macaroni and cheese, he happily ordered cheese pizza and a Wod-Fam-Choc-Sod. (Well, I had to order it because he was too shy. And yes, I totally butchered the name of the chocolate soda.)

Hudson, you have the most gentle and kind heart. You are practical, matter of fact, and are turning into such a gentleman. I love how you hold open doors for me, how you hold my hand, and never stop smiling. I’m so thankful that I’m your mom!

One thought on “Dating a Dapper Dan Man

  1. Phoebe, I am in happy tears reading about this date!! He is precious and I’m really seeing his Daddy in him!! You guys are doing such an awesome job of parenting and I can really feel your love for your sweet family! You need to write a book someday! I know God is so pleased with you guys I can almost hear Him saying to Himself, “ now that’s what I mean by being a great a Momma”!!! I feel like I know you and would really love to meet you again😜. And re-aquaint!!!!! (Is that a word?)


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