Sunday’s are fundays

When we moved from our home in California, what we lost in square footage we gained in acreage! Because our garage had become kind of a storage unit of sorts, Johnny decided he wanted to get some shipping containers. We learned after our first glorious summer of thunderstorms that Colorado loves surprise hail storms. The word “weather” here has a completely different meaning. It’s pretty spectacular! Needless to say, we need to park our cars in the garage.

Once we leveled the ground and set the containers, we decided to make use of the space between: chicken coop and run! We plan to let them free range as much as possible, but they will definitely need a solid shelter. I’m looking at you, coyotes…

Just for fun, Boone helped me build a roost/ladder for the chickens to hang out on. There is one already in the coop (we bought a kit) but I think we’ll end up enclosing another section eventually to give them more space.

Here’s a little inspiration pic to show you what I envision for this space. Originally we wanted to put up siding or paint the containers, but now I actually love them as is!

I found this pic on Pinterest and I’m unaware of it’s origin. Sooo please don’t report me, k? It’s just so dreamy! I love mixing styles and I’m picturing it to be be a bit more farmy-modern-industrial. If I can pull off my vision, you’ll see what I mean when it’s finished.

Crosby was super helpful too. Kidding. This kid is obsessed with being “ow-syyyy?” (Outside.)

One thought on “Sunday’s are fundays

  1. I am so in love with you all!! I love your style and your incredible gifts! God has blessed you abundantly indeed!!! I miss you more than you know, but I am excited to visit!! ❤️🥰
    ❤️Kristy xoxo…


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