Hudson’s golden birthday!

Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, opening presents, playing in the bathtub with his new LEGO submariner! This is NINE! I wanted to make note of your wishlist because it made me smile. Added later: whoopee cushion, nerf gun and a Hydro Flask. Stay small, k?

After eating (surprise surprise) Panda Express for lunch, delivered by my own personal Door Dasher’s: Grandma and Auntie Grandma because my car suddenly died, the cousin/bestie came over to break in his new video game. Then it was Otter-pops and pond swimming!

Walter’s Pizza for dinner was followed by ice cream and a movie night/sleepover. You said it was the best birthday ever (but you do say that every year, soo…)

Hudson, your joy is unbeatable. You like structure and routine, and are always trying to make up a new, clever riddle. You are intentional and have a bit of your dad’s OCD. The servant’s heart in you will inspire many as you grow into your calling. You often diffuse a difficult situation with “should we pray right now?” Middle child, I see you and will always remind you of your value to me and our whole family. You’re going places, kid. God’s got a plan! We pray you will always seek Him first…everything else will work itself out. We love you, Huddy Buddy!

One thought on “Hudson’s golden birthday!

  1. Phoebe, you are one of the best Mothers I know. What a wonderful Birthday for Hudson! Love you all and another Happy Birthday greeting from Grandpa Don and Grandma Glenda 🎂🎂🎂❤️❤️❤️

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