Aspen Acres 2020

Grandma and Grandpa recently bought a super glam motor-coach! When they invited us for a week long trip in the glorious aspen forests to break it we just couldn’t say no! The boys pitched a tent while Johnny, Dixie and I lived in the lap of glamping luxury.

No clue how many rounds of War or Egyptian Ratshmuck they played. Dixie spent a majority of the week polishing rocks with a toothbrush and catching caterpillars who spun themselves into caccoons while in her Rubbermaid oasis. Such a cool experience.

Lake Isabel provided days of entertainment. Skipping rocks and semi successful trout fishing. A few days into our trip, they caught a few Perch. However, they didn’t taste nearly as good as the fresh trout they brought back to camp.

We spent a morning at Bishop Castle and left just before the crowds started showing up, followed quickly by rain and thunderstorms. We drove around and admired the beauty of the state we call home. Back to camp, and then more fishing. Fact: Grandma makes the best hot cocoa.

So much hiking. Another day we followed a trail to the “water slides” where the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the icy stream! Crabby Crosby stayed in camp to nap with Grandpa. Let me just say, camping with a teething toddler who just learned the word “no” is not ideal.

Snow Slide trail came highly recommended by one of the other seasoned campers near our site. And I quote, “We’ve been on probably a thousand trails and this is by far one of the prettiest.” He wasn’t kidding. It starts you through a lush aspen grove and heads up the mountain winding through a mix of aspens and pine trees. Oh, and so many wildflowers! Grandma took about 20 photos for her sister, we even pulled over on the way back because she found more!

My rough and tumble little lady LOVED the fishing part but sobbed and sobbed when she had to clean her catch. That’s the rule: yo catch it, you clean it. That face when it started to wiggle after she thought it was deceased!! (See pic)

It was a perfect week. A favorite moment was when we reintroduced the kids to Singing in the Rain, all bundled up in the motor home with hot cocoa during another thunderstorm. The giggled hysterically during “Make ‘Em Laugh,” and Dixie belted “Good Mornin” for the next few days.

I read and finished two books, TWO BOOKS IN A WEEK! For this mama of five, that is a feat. Also, aren’t mountain thunderstorms the most majestic? The funny thing about Colorado is that 20 minutes later: the sun is out and you’ll have vibrant blue skies.

This sweet kid was back to his normal “easy” self after we got home and those teeth finally popped through.

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa for a fantastic week. We can’t wait for our next adventure together.

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