Our favorite two year old

Crosby turned TWO on Sept 3rd. We spend a lot of our days laughing because of this pint size nugget! Quirky, witty, genius child with so many words and motor skills, this dude continually blow us away.

We think he must have a phonographic memory, as he remembers EVERYTHING he hears. E.g. we didn’t realize he knew our neighbor’s name until he came over and Crosby greeted him with an exuberant, “Hi, Jason!!”

Every morning, he wakes up early with Johnny, sits on the kitchen counter and helps make his favorite “oh-meal.” Then he eagerly waits for Boone to wake up to help let the ducks out on the pond and collect eggs.

Below are just a few captured moments surrounding this milestone.

Exploring La Veta
5th kids naps happen wherever they can…
Fixing Papa Don’s hair
Auntie Sherry made a special bday cake!
She said he wasn’t getting messy enough so she “helped.”
His siblings like to accessorize him.
Ice cream downtown
Don’t worry. It’s in “park.”

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