Fall 2020

It’s been one helluva season.

Homeschooling has been going great, the kids are really thriving and I’m definitely enjoying all the quality time. Not going to lie, it’s not always easy. I’m learning how to extend a lot of grace, not only to the kids but also to myself. The two hour window of “play outside while Crosby naps and Mama gets a break” is a coveted window of time each day. That’ll change once the snow starts.

Lincoln has been able to spend a lot more time helping the neighbors with goats and cows (when they let him). He would go over every day if they asked! I never would have expected him to be so invested in farming. Oh, boy. He’s found his niche and has really come into his own. It’s really fun to watch.

Boone is the baker and the builder. He can often be found whipping up some decadent dessert, adding to the kid’s fort made from lumber scraps or crafting something out of anything. He made an awesome table ping pong basketball game out of an Amazon box. Also, there may be a cardboard miniature golf course happening in their room. He’s also Crosby’s best friend.

Hudson likes to help me in the kitchen, play games or build legos. He’s such a great helper and we’ve really bonded over the past few months. He’s really good at school. Like, he might be teaching ME in a couple years.

Dixie is just hilarious. She makes me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever known. Sass for days, but can totally keep up with the boys. She wants a multi tool for Christmas…and glitter makeup. That sums her up pretty well. The poor cats can not escape her. I kid you not, they see her coming and give us a look like, “Please rescue me.” She makes sure they sleep with her every night.

Crosby has entered one of my favorite phases. He talks non stop, always wants to “nuggle” and read, but he never actually lets me read, he just points out and narrates everything in the book. His tiny voice is the sweetest sound, and the first thing I hear every morning. Lately when I ask him, “Do you need a new diaper?” He answers with a shrug, “YEP! I think so.” We recently went through a disco car wash, which kind of traumatized him. For two weeks straight, every time I would buckle him in the car he asked me, “Car wash, mommy?”

Below are more highlights from October:

After our tea party with mugs, Guppy, Dixie and I headed to Goodwill where we found a perfect tea set for the little lady. We have had sooo many tea parties and I’m here for it. I think Dixie just likes it because it means she can eat in her room.

Our Flemish Giant/Rex rabbit had her first litter – 10 BABY BUNNIES! Omg so precious!

We drove around Woodland Park until we found Quaker Ridge: the camp facility my Great Grandpa Don used to speak at for youth camps when my mom was a kid. After testing out the acoustics in the chapel, we spent a good chunk of time playing volleyball, basketball and tetherball.

Dreaming of having a family/church retreat here one day. Gorgeous forests with breathtaking views of the mountain. It’s hard to describe just how glorious it is here.

Super slide was super slow. Next time we’ll bring wax paper to make it fun. The kids still had a blast exploring these gorgeous grounds.

I love these two so much. Wish we lived closer.

Only six out of the 10 buns have survived. The kids were pretty heartbroken, but that’s living on a farm, amiright?

Making ice cream, the old fashioned way. Mama is wishing for a Cuisinart one for Christmas.

Our street hosted it’s first annual Harvest Festival complete with: hay/tractor rides, cider and treats, horse rides, pumpkin tic-tac-toe and a plethora of other fun fall activities. We have the BEST neighbors!

I love this man with all my heart. So thankful he listens to the Lord in leading our family. It’s been right every time! He also looks super hot riding a tractor.

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