We have a teenager!

Lincoln is officially a teenager! To celebrate, we had his best buddies over for a Minute to Win It game night and sleepover. Johnny decided to “make it interesting” with cash prizes, because who doesn’t love the competition? I wish I could have recorded all the laughter and joy.

Our house was full of so much love for this precious boy of ours. Thankful for wonderful friends who made him feel as special as we all know he is.

Crosby wanted to get in on the can stacking action, and clearly he wasn’t as impressed with his skills as we were!

Hudson and Noah had a tie breaker. (Shaking ping ping balls out of a Kleenex box tied around their waste.)

Connor had fun wrapping Lincoln’s gift. He had to pull out every tissue to get to it: a roll of taped one dollar bills at the bottom!

Don’t be the first to fall asleep at one of our sleepovers…sorry, buddy. At least it’s washable marker. I hid the sharpies.

Uncle Jim gifted the boys new/vintage rifles in preparation for their upcoming hunting trip. One of these is from 1805!

Grandma and Grandpa took him out for a birthday date: lunch, shopping, and getting a new scope put on his rifle. The matching plaid was purely a coincidence, aaaaand I didn’t notice Grandma blinking until right now. Oops!

Lincoln, you are growing into such a fantastic young man. You are hospitable and kind. Oftentimes you bring me coffee in bed, wake up early with Crosby, basically you take such good care of those around you. Resident animal lover, we don’t even have to ask you to let the sheep out, or feed the dog. You also want to wear your overalls every day and I’m totally okay with it, as long as you wash them.

Dad and I are so impressed with who you’re becoming. Every morning during devotions, I’m impressed with you revelations, and I always look forward to listening in on your prayer time.

Our prayer is that you continue to seek Him first. That you are so in tune with God’s voice you will always hear His direction and will for your life. Proud of you, kiddo.

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