Happy Thanksgiving

We woke up on our last day of school before Thanksgiving break to a lovely blanket of snow! It just begged for Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and some pie making!

Lincoln recently made his first pie by himself, banana cream. We ALL agreed there is now a tie for favorite: right up there with chocolate cream. Therefor, he’d requested to make it again for Thanksgiving.

“Mama, look!”

We made a total of 4 pies, Great Grandma Gigi’s cranberry jello, and horseradish dip (it’s tradition). I’ll admit, baking with my kids is something I wish I was better at. I’m too much of a “neat and tidy cook.” I can’t stand messes, so I take a lot of deep breaths and remind myself this is building memories for them. I reeeally hope their memories are not of a stressed out, impatient mama. Tip: put on a Fred and Ginger classic while baking. Works like a charm. Also, quiz then on fractions with measuring cups and call it “math!” #homeschool

A few weeks ago, Uncle Jim made a comment about how Coconut Cream pie was his favorite so Lincoln wanted to surprise him. IT WAS DELISH! Two thumbs up from Uncle Jim!

Thanksgiving was a blast. Rode RZRs, played hide and seek with the cousins, lots of card games and too much pie! SO much to be thankful for.

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