Photo memory dump!

It’s another one of those times when I realized I haven’t blogged in awhile. Let me try and catch up with a little photo memory dump of the past few months…

Merry Christmas 2020!
Post Christmas snuggles with Papa!
What a magical day! Perfect weather and exquisite views of the Royal Gorge.
Someone doesn’t wanna share her cocoa…
Ringing in the new year on snowmobiles with some of our favorites people!
Let’s explore Tennessee!
Fort building with the TN cousins!
Funny how trends ALWAYS resurface. Crushed velvet midi dresses, chokers and Dr. Marten’s…plus that side of sass.
Miracle that the kids and I are relatively “okay,” but geez…what a day. It was worse than it looks. I’m going to miss this tank of a car. It literally saved our lives. Several of us are dealing with a lot of residual pain, headaches and lack of solid sleep. It’s been countless trips to the chiropractor ever since without a clear end in site! We are very grateful for helpful witnesses and timely first responders.
Lincoln was taking care of a friend’s homestead when babies joined the herd!!!!! Magical.
Weekend away with the girls in Woodland Park. Some great coffee and convos were had on this lovely porch.
Started a little project! And by little, I mean like adding somewhere around 1400 sq ft. Stay tuned!
How’s homeschooling going? Kinda like this…
Boone made a helmet for the number one Mandalorian fan.
The ducks were a wee bit confused where the pond went! (It’s hiding under two feet of snow.)
Maybe we should get some snowshoes…
The big four were invited for a week down south for spring break. They’ve been snowmobiling, learning mechanical building skills in Uncle Jim’s barn/workshop, swimming at the hot springs and staying up way too late.

At home we’ve spent our days enjoying snowstorms, snuggling, watching Winnie the Pooh and potty training. Crosby will use the potty whenever he wants a jelly belly, so pretty much constantly.

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