Spring Has Sprung and Now We Have Turkeys!

The big four spent a week with Uncle Jim and Aunt Peggy who spoiled them rotten! They then took them swimming at the local hot springs pool. They didn’t want to come home!

This girl loves her chickens. She carries them around like dolls and they let her!

We had to pick up a few things at Big R later that day and “accidentally” came home with six baby chicks and four turkey poults! Oops!

Gosh, turkeys are hilarious! Johnny named one “Sammich” even though I told everyone we can’t name them. DON’T NAME YOUR DINNER!!!

Our rooster “Johann Sebastian Bawk” was delicious, btw. Lincoln coincidentally skipped dinner that night.

Dinner with the fam after helping/celebrating some good friends moving closer to us!

That’s one fancy little turkeybird! Next time she’s on our table, it’ll be dressed differently. See what I did there? 😉

I’m trying to figure out how to get these kids to eat more eggs. We’re running out of counter space! Help! Send ideas!

I’ve already frozen a few quiches, baked a ton of desserts, sold a few dozen, and given lots to the grandparents. I’m currently researching freeze dryers to preserve them for winter, when the ladies will stop laying.

This was an exciting day! Finalizing blueprints with the architect for a little/big addition we’re planning.

Such a perfect sunny day. Crosby had an impromptu play date with the girl next door. Mud pies, sunshine and wonderful conversations with our super cool neighbors who have become family.

Mama wouldn’t allow him a ride on the mini bike but he got to wear the helmet because…he’s “Mandalorian.”

Snow melting. Sun shining. Picnic and praise music on beautiful Palm Sunday!

When we went to the grand opening of Scheel’s Colorado, a manager approached Boone, “If you give me that Bass Pro hat, I’ll let everyone in your group pick out a free hat!” (Silly manager didn’t realize we were Gillespie’s: his “group” included 2 parents, 2 grandparents, 4 siblings and 3 cousins.)

Oh boy, was that a tough decision. Boone had worn that hat EVERY day for a good 6 months. We promised to replace the exact same Bass Pro hat and soon we all walked away with fancy new caps!

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