Kentucky/Ohio here we come!

Heading off on an adventure in grandma’s motorhome!

Don’t worry, we’re parked.

Stretching our legs at a rest stop somewhere in Illinois. These kids are such good travelers!

Our first night was spent in Lawrence, Kansas. We woke up to a mighty thunderstorm that continued into late morning. Thunderstorms are my absolute favorite. Mud puddles are Crosby’s favorite.

Spent a few days fishing and relaxing at the most gorgeous RV resort in Georgetown, Kentucky. Perfect weather, baby geese and happy kids.

Met up with some of our FAVORITE people to explore the Creation Museum. What an incredible experience. Best field trip ever! Also, the gardens were exquisite!

Crosby ate 80% of the fudge Auntie Manda bought for the kids to share! I wasn’t that sad when he sugar crashed and slept through soft serve ice cream.

The boys wanted to document what he missed to show him later. Rude.

Back to the campground for dinner, basketball, mosquito bites and fireflies!

The next day was spent wandering around the Ark. It was better than we anticipated. Glorious! We could definitely come back here again.

1: “Girls, stare at the sun and smile at me!”
2: Lincoln’s photobombing Kathy and Barb’s jumping pic wins all the pics.

We asked a kind stranger to take a group photo under the rainbow. Oh well, we tried.

Time for camel rides! Well, for most of us. Maybe next time, buddy.

Astrid and Dixie’s camel “Moses” had an itch so it kept wobbling around trying to scratch it’s belly. You shoulda heard their screams, “He’s going to tip over!!”

Little dude has nothing left. These kids did so much walking this week.

After Kentucky, we moseyed up to Ohio where we picnicked next to a 100 mile lazy river and explored the Historic Loveland Castle.

All three of our RV park’s swimming pools were drained so we ended up at the cousin’s hotel to cool off and play a very unfair game of “chicken.”

Crosby just LOVES his new baby cousin Finn.

Frisbee, pizza picnic and cousin besties!

Our last full day was spent in Dayton, Ohio were we toured the Air Force museum. It was great having newly retired Uncle Mark as our own personal tour guide. The kids loved the simulators! I was bummed the Air Force One exhibit was closed, but at least we got to see Truman’s Gin Rummy score card and JFK’s cigar box. 😉

“Frolf” with Uncle Kit
Roasting “marshafellows”

So sad to say goodbye to our people, but we are so grateful for the memories made and the new baby cousin snuggles!

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