Gillespie Farm Animal Update

The baby ducklings that we incubated and hatched were just introduced to the pond and welcomed by their mamas! Lots of happy duckling noises over here these days.

We sheared the sheep! And be “we” I mean Johnny had help from Uncle Jim and neighbor Jason.

The turkeys are getting HUGE! They are very gentle and love the kids.Turns out we have three toms who majestically parade around the yard and gobble every time Crosby screams or the puppy howls! Speaking of which…WE GOT A PUPPY!

For about six months we’ve been looking for another dog, preferably the same breed as our incredible Snow. We found a family rehoming some Anatolian/Pyrenees mix (exactly what we were searching for) up in Wyoming! We hopped in the car to get a little boy to join Snow in her farm guarding duties.

They say male/females work better in teams. When we got there, I fell pretty hard for a little sweetheart with black floppy ears, freckles, and the sweetest disposition. We decided to take her home as well. I mean, why not?

While in Cheyenne, we stopped by the Celtic festival and watched the caber toss strongman competition and some Scottish dancing. After we grabbed some food truck yummyness we headed home with the puppies.

Good things hardly ever last…On our way home, I was informed by a concerned friend to research littermate syndrome: something I hadn’t ever heard of before. Turns out it takes a LOT more training to raise siblings, especially while training them to guard livestock. After lots of prayer and conversations about the requirements of training them, we all felt at peace about re-rehoming her. Fortunately, we had someone nearby with acreage who wanted her!

Meet Bruce! Since we got Snow at age three, we didn’t didn’t get to name her. Therefor, the kids wanted to pick this boy’s name themselves. Bruce seems to fit him well. He’s expected to reach about 100 lbs with much shorter hair than his counterpart. Thank God!

Don’t let the picture fool you. He’s no longer sad about losing his sister. Snow has been a great mentor to him and he’s learning fast not to “play” with anymore ducks. (She’s fine, it’s just a flesh wound!)

Bruce spends his days swimming in the pond, wrestling with Snow and not fetching balls the kids throw for him. He’s not that kinda dog. Sweet, playful boy has been a perfect addition to our little farm.

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