Happy Independence Day!

We were stoked to drive Uncle Jim’s rzrs in the Fourth of July parade and throw candy at the crowd (or eat 6 lollipops in the back seat if you’re name was Crosby).

She’s ready to celebrate America!
Yes. That’s the father of my children.
Don’t you love it when you can spend the day with some of the most awesome people ever!?

After the parade, we walked down to the local vendor’s fair and played at the park before getting the best hand scooped ice cream at the local grocery.

Sorry I cropped off half your face, Shelby!
Sometimes I look at her and am stunned at what a beautiful young lady she’s becoming.
Lincoln stayed back at the vendor’s fair with Uncle Jim missing out on our attempt to ruin our lunch!
Walking off our ice cream before asking to be held and promptly smearing chocolate all over mommy’s white shirt.
Exhausted Patriot

That evening, we hung out back and bopped along to a fantastic Rockabilly concert under the stars. Perfect end to a perfect day. Thanks, Jim and Peggy for always being the most welcoming hosts!

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