Summertime Shenanigans

First things first: go pee on a tree, take a seat and watch everyone else set up camp. #youngestchild

Everywhere she goes, she finds wildflowers and brings them to me to stick in water. We had the most beautiful centerpieces all week! I love this phase of her life and never want it to end.

Hudson had just turned 10 right before our trip. He decided he needed to bring one of his birthday presents to serenade us all at camp. He is so much like my dad! Also, how is he TEN?

Someone really didn’t wanna go to bed but he could hardly keep his eyes open. As soon as he was tucked in his own big boy sleeping bag, he was out like a flashlight.

The menfolk telling stories

This campsite had the coolest lodge equipped with ping pong, pool, foosball, board games, puzzles and popcorn. We hardly saw the kids all week. It was also a great way to celebrate Boone turning 12!

PSA: If your key fob battery is low, do not leave it in the car or it WILL lock itself inside the car automatically. Luckily, one of the doors might accidentally be left wide open. However, know that .001 seconds before you can stop them, one of the kids will shut said door.

They all made fun of my “dainty” casting form, but guess who got the most bites AND reeled in a trout plus a couple of these things? This girl!

We hiked to one of our favorite swimming holes, complete with rock water slides! It was quite a trek to get there, sliding down super steep hills, scaling boulders and wading through streams.

On our way back, we found the trail that we were SUPPOSED to take. I kept saying it looked different than last year but nobody listens to mom, amiright? Johnny took the kids back the next day and confirmed we had been way off. SMH.

My man is incredible. He assisted Aunt Betty, gripped his daughter’s hand all the while with a sleeping two year old balancing on his shoulders.

I told him to “look here!” This is what he gave me.

After a week of camping, we unwound for a weekend at the Hoobler Hotel 😉 for some rzr riding, and exploring up at the cabin!

Um…How do I have a kid this old!?

We were able to stay for another one of their epic outdoor concerts. Each summer, Jim and Peggy hire different musicians to perform at their gorgeous outdoor venue.

This time, the rain that wasn’t supposed to rain relocated us all inside their enclosed deck for the remainder of the evening! It was so fun and cozy. The best memories are always made here.

Crosby couldn’t hang, but Grandma didn’t mind!

When we got home, showered and unpacked, we decided that we needed a girls night before the cousins had to go back to the west coast: Legally Blonde, homemade pizza and lots of candy.

We kicked the boys out of the house but when these two showed up they were ambushed by the cutest “spa technicians” you ever did see.

It was such a wonderful, whirlwind couple of weeks but I wouldn’t have changed one second! We just love our family and the time we get to share with them so much.

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